Tips to keep your Paytm account safe

What is Paytm Wallet?

Paytm Wallet is RBI governed prepaid wallet in which you can securely store your money for doing future transactions. This money can then be used to pay seamlessly at several places like taxi and autos, petrol pumps, grocery shops, restaurants, coffee shops, multiplexes, parking, pharmacies, hospitals and grocery shops among others.

Hassle Free Payments

The most seamless way to pay whether online or in store, just a click and its done

Accepted Online & In Stores

The most accepted Payment method with more than 6 Million merchants in our network

Auto Top Up

Auto top-up your wallet, to ensure you have the balance when you need

Receive Cashback in your Wallet

Receive Cashbacks from our Partners in your Paytm Wallet

Send & Receive Money for Free

Send Money or Accept Money from any Paytm User at no charge at all

Real-time Passbook

View your transaction and balance in real time in Paytm Passbook

Send Money to Bank Account

Send money to any bank account with a nominal charge from your Paytm Wallet

Pre-Authorize a Transaction

Customers can pre-authorize trusted merchants to do a transaction on their behalf on the fulfillment of a product/service.

No account fees and charges

Enjoy the convenience of banking on your phone and no charges for online transactions

Things To Keep In Mind

Never share your Paytm password, passcode, or any OTP with anyone; even if they cite urgent reasons like wallet activation, reactivation, limit upgrade, KYC, free cash back, etc. Paytm never asks for such details.

If your phone has got stolen, lost or compromised, log in to immediately from the web and choose the option "Log me out from my Paytm account on all devices". Also, call your network provider to get your sim card blocked without any delay.

Set a strong and unique Paytm password. Protect your phone with a PIN or a pattern lock.

Only send money to someone whom you know in person. Also, before initiating the transfer, cross verify the payee details.

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Do not enter your Paytm id and password on links/websites/apps looking like Paytm.

Avoid logging onto password-protected websites on public WIFI networks.

Don’t download unauthorized apps. They are usually accompanied by malicious programs.

If you feel that your Wallet password got revealed to someone, change it immediately.

Don't get tempted by too good to be true deals.

We are always here to help
For reporting a fraud, please give us a call at 1800 120 130
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© Copyright , Paytm Payments Bank