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Safety and Security

Beware of Dubious Schemes

  • Never respond to unsolicited offers of money received through emails/phone/other media*
  • No one really gives you money for free*
  • Be careful while investing in seemingly attractive schemes offering high returns*
  • Don’t invest in unregulated companies/entities*
  • Don’t rely on hearsay - Check for yourself*
  • High return means higher risk including potential loss of entire money - Check your risk-appetite!*
  • Take care of your money - it is hard to earn but easy to lose*
  • When in doubt check with a trusted financial advisor*
  • * For any clarification/details, visit or or


  • Protect the mobile phone via password.
  • Set a maximum incorrect password input limit.
  • Look for https while logging in the Bank website.
  • Employ a strong password for Login. E.g. Use special characters, numbers etc. in the password.
  • Update/change your passwords and passcode at regular intervals.
  • Verify transactions in account statements regularly.
  • Verify transaction communication received via SMS.
  • Use nomination facility.
  • Immediately intimate the Bank/Branch for:
    • Change in address/mobile number.
    • Erroneous/unauthorised transaction.
    • Loss of Debit Card/Demand Draft etc.
  • Report lost/stolen phone to service provider/police.
Paytm Payments Bank


  • Never transfer funds without validation of recipient.
  • Never share the Login details/PIN/OTP/Transactions IDs/Passcode/Confidential information over phone/internet/hand over ATM Cards to third parties.
  • Do not store any sensitive information such as passcode, password, debit card details, etc. in a folder on phone/computer or on paper etc.
  • Never forget to intimate us for change in address/mobile number to avoid misdelivery of transaction communication.
  • Never click on embedded links from unknown sources on social networking sites / emails.
  • Employ caution on using Bluetooth in public places

Identification Counterfeit Currenty Notes

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