Debit Cards

The Power of Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card, now in your hands

Enjoy making highly secure contactless payments and get exclusive benefits.Paytm Payments Bank account comes with a Free Digital Debit Card so that you easily pay online anytime, anywhere. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs or pay at stores across India and abroad using Paytm Payments Bank physical Debit Card.

Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card comes with 6 Powerful Features

Why choose VISA Debit Card?

Widely Accepted Everywhere

Do you know VISA is the largest accepted network in the world? You can use VISA Debit card at any online merchant or you can make in-store payments without any hassle. Moreover, you can easily withdraw money using your VISA Debit Card from an ATM as well. With the help of new-age technology, Paytm Payments Bank is empowering millions.

Now, Powered with Contactless Transactions

Our world has changed a lot and it will change further. That's why, VISA Physical is here. Own it so that you tap and pay at stores for contactless transactions. It's way faster, safer and smoother. Imagine you are at a store and in just one tap, the payment is done! VISA Physical is one step ahead clearly.

Enjoy Cashback & Offers

How about enjoying cashbacks and offers across various merchants when you use your VISA Debit Card? Sounds great, right! Paytm Payments Bank ensures you receive all the benefits as per bank norms. Moreover, our digital platform is simple yet incredible.

Manage Your Card On-The-Go

VISA Debit Card can be your perfect travel buddy. From Paytm App, you can switch on, enable or disable international transactions to make effortless spends anytime, as you go exploring the world. Say 'No' to hassles and use Paytm Payments Bank VISA Debit Card.

100% Secure with Bank-Grade Security & Encryption

Transact securely 24x7 with your VISA Debit Card. Your Paytm Payments Bank VISA Debit Card comes with 256 bit bank-grade encryption with added layer of security so that your payments are always secure.

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Why choose RuPay Debit Card?

Nationwide Acceptance

Swipe your RuPay Debit Card at any store across India or use it to pay online. You can also withdraw cash using your RuPay Debit Card at more than 2,00,000 ATMs in India. It's very easy to use and quite reliable as well.

Accept Money Instantly via QR Code

Use QR Code on your RuPay Debit Card to receive money instantly. QR Code contains the necessary bank details that are required while accepting money. Have a contactless experience every time you use the QR Code. It's smart and safe!

100% Secure

Do secure transaction 24x7 with your RuPay Debit Card. India's very own initiative for card payments is helping people pay at shops, online and at ATMs safely.

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