Tips to keep your Paytm account safe


When the fraudster sends you SMS requesting you to register over fraudulent websites or to download an unauthorized app, then such a fraud attempt falls under the category of SMISHING.

How does one commit it?

Fraudsters send SMS informing the customers of prize money, lottery, job offers etc. and requesting them to share their card or account details. Unaware, the customers follow instructions to visit a website, call a phone number or download malicious content. Details thus shared with the fraudsters are then used to conduct fraudulent transactions on a customer’s account.



How to save myself from smishing?

  • If you receive any urgent SMS communication asking for such personal information, delete the SMS and block the sender as spam.
  • Always type the URL in the address bar to reach us ( i.e. For Payments Bank - For Paytm Mall - For Paytm -
  • Reach us by downloading the official Paytm app for your phone from the one listed by the developer - "Paytm - One97 Communications Ltd." on Google Play Store and "Paytm Mobile Solutions" Apple Store.
  • Don’t reply to the text message or call the number.
  • Never share any personal information like Customer ID, Password, Bank A/c details, Card number, ATM PIN, Expiry date, CVV, OTP etc. with anyone over SMS/chat.
  • Don’t click on any links in the message.
© Copyright , Paytm Payments Bank
© Copyright , Paytm Payments Bank