Depositor Education and Awareness Fund

  1. What is DEA Fund ?

  2. As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notification on Depositor Education Awareness Fund (DEAF/ DEA Fund) as updated from time to time, balances in accounts which are not operated for 10 years, are classified as “Unclaimed Deposits”. These amounts are transferred by banks to “Depositor Education and Awareness” (DEA) Fund maintained by the Reserve Bank of India. The depositors are, however, still entitled to claim the deposits at a later date from the bank(s) where such deposits were held along with interest, as applicable.

  3. Unclaimed Deposit Reference Number (UDRN) - Customers can use this reference number during request to claim unclaimed funds.

  4. Search for Unclaimed Deposits and Accounts

    Search for Unclaimed Deposits and Accounts inoperative for 10 years or more. Please use Paytm Payments Bank account/wallet linked mobile number and customer name

  5. AND

    Note : Enter the address without City and State.


    Note - In case you cannot find your account, please reach out to our customer support -

  6. Steps to claim Unclaimed Bank deposits

  7. If the customer has identified any deposit or transfer from their account to RBI DEA Fund, they can claim the same by following the below steps-

      • Use the search box above to check whether your account balance has been transferred to DEA Fund.
      • Confirm the status of unclaimed bank deposits by reaching out to our customer support -
      • Fill the claim form (Download Form) and submit to our Customer Service team along with required documents
    • Claim by Self

    • Customer can visit the branch of the Bank or reach out to Customer Service Team and submit the unclaimed deposit claim form (As per Annexure I below) duly filled and signed. The aforesaid have to be submitted along with valid proof of identity and address in the name of the accountholder(s).

    • Claim by legal heir or nominee

    • For the claim process, the legal heir or nominee can visit the branch of the Bank or reach out to Customer Service Team and submit the documents as advised by the branch / Customer Service Representative and has also to comply with the legal requirements.

    • Claim by non-individual

    • For claim of non-individual accounts, the customer needs to submit the Claim Form on the Company’s/ firm’s /institution’s letterhead duly signed by the authorized signatories along with their valid identity and address proofs. The customer may also be required to submit such other documents as may be requested by the Bank.

      Note: This process is for unclaimed deposits / inoperative accounts which are inactive / inoperative for ten years or more. Please carry original documents for verification.

      For any further clarifications / details on the procedure, you may reach out to Customer Service Team. Activating the Inoperative account
      Reactivation of inoperative accounts (accounts where there are no transactions for over a period of two years) shall be done after carrying out Customer Due Diligence Procedure as is applicable for opening a new account with the bank.

  8. FAQs

  9. How do I complete my Full KYC?

    You need to complete in-person verification in any of the following ways:

      • Aadhaar based KYC at your Nearby KYC Point: You can find Nearby KYC points by tapping on on your smartphoneNo or visiting this link on your browser. You may also tap on the Nearby icon on the blue strip at the top of Paytm App Home page. You need to carry your Aadhaar and PAN* for verification. You will need to verify your Aadhaar biometrically.
      • Aadhaar based KYC at your Doorstep: This is in pilot phase and has been rolled out to limited users in select locations. In case you are part of the pilot exercise, you will find this option by tapping on Charges for KYC at your doorstep will be applicable. Else, you may visit the KYC point nearest to your location.
      • KYC without Aadhaar: This facility is available only at select locations as RBI guidelines require verification of original documents to be done only by our employees. You can find the schedule of our employees by going to You will need to provide your PAN and any ONE of the below Govt. issued Address Proof documents in original: Driving License / Voter ID / Passport / NREGA Job Card.
  10. Activating the Inactive accounts

  11. Customer having inactive accounts (accounts with no financial transaction for a consecutive period of one year) shall be required to submit his/her recent photo ('Selfie') and undergo OTP based e-KYC authentication or consent to provide this KYC information through the Central KYC Records Registry (CKYCR) or provide a live photo of original OVD on the Bank's app.