Tips to keep your Paytm account safe

Impersonation or Identity Theft

Identity Theft is said to occur when a fraudster uses your personal information to obtain credit, loans, and services in your name, by impersonating you.

How does one commit it?

Fraudster targets your personal information, such as names, addresses, email government ID cards, credit card or account information. Fraudster tries to gather your details through Phishing, Vishing, Smishing or any other means. The fraudster uses your personal information to apply for a credit card, loan, sim, etc. This also enables them to order items online under a false name.

How to save myself from identity theft?

  • Keep your Personally Identifiable Information private
  • Be aware of how your information would be used by the company
  • Use complex password, make sure to keep your mobile locked
  • Never share your personal information or financial information on call or email or in person, with anyone.
  • Do not turn on the self log-in feature
  • Reply to suspicious messages, mails and chats
© Copyright , Paytm Payments Bank
© Copyright , Paytm Payments Bank