List of Negative line of Business - The Entities providing the following services and/or engaged in the following line of businesses shall not be on-boarded by PPBL or shall forthwith be de-boarded by PPBL upon such facts coming to the knowledge or the attention of PPBL.

  1. 1. Child & Animal Pornography
  2. 2. Unlicensed Pharmaceutical Business or businesses selling non-approved chemicals
  3. 3. Unlicensed Alcohol business
  4. 4. Gambling, Casinos
  5. 5. Crypto
  6. 6. Business where Directors/BO are located in FATF high risk jurisdictions
  7. 7. Arms & Ammunition industry (manufacturers, dealers & intermediaries)
  8. 8. Firms related to Nuclear activity
  9. 9. Firms dealing in sale/purchase of copyright material (unauthorized copies of books, music, movies, software and other licensed materials)
  10. 10. Firms dealing with counterfeit and unauthorized goods which includes replicas or imitations of designer goods
  11. 11. Firms dealing with sale/purchase of plant or animal products
  12. 12. Unlicensed forex & international fund transfer business