Fixed Deposit


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As per the RBI's licensing and operative guidelines for Payments Bank, aggregate customer balance limit for PPBL customer at the end of the day cannot exceed INR 2,00,000. In this scenario, basis your consent Paytm Payments Bank will book a fixed deposit on your behalf in partnership with IndusInd Bank Ltd.

Features of the Fixed Deposit:

Maturity Period365 days
Interest on Maturity7.75%
Auto RenewalOn Maturity
Charges when redeemed before maturityZero charges (No penalty)
FD detailsAvailable in passbook

* subject to change, please refer the following points.

  • The interest earned on FD is calculated as per the below table as applicable on the date of creation of FD.
    365 Days7.75%
    355-364 Days6.50%
    270-354 Days6.35%
    211-269 Days6.10%
    181-210 Days5.85%
    121-180 Days5.00%
    91-120 Days4.75%
    61-90 Days4.75%
    46-60 Days4.75%
    31-45 Days3.75%
    15-30 Days3.50%
    7-14 Days3.50%
  • You can redeem FD anytime and the principal amount redeemed plus interest less Tax Deduction at Source(TDS), if any, would be credited within few seconds.
  • In case your FD is closed prematurely, before completion of the minimum period of 7 days, no interest shall be paid for the said FD.
  • The Fixed Deposit will be automatically renewed on maturity. The rates and term of Fixed Deposit will be communicated by Paytm Payments Bank
  • All communication regarding the fixed deposit will be sent to you by Paytm Payments Bank.
  • Updated interest rates would only be applicable on newly created FDs

Interest amount credited based on the Interest amount earned:

Interest amount earned will be rounded off to the nearest Integer and that would be credited.

For example:

  • If the Interest earned is from ₹ 11.50 to ₹ 12.49, then ₹ 12.00 would be credited, and
  • If the Interest earned is from ₹ 12.50 to ₹ 13.49, then ₹ 13.00 would be credited.


  • TDS, if any, will be deducted on interest accruals as per applicable Income Tax rules.
  • Under section 26AA of the Income Tax Act. 1961 w.e.f. 1st April, 2010, non-furnishing of PAN to deductor (i.e. to the Bank) would result in deduction of TDS at a higher rate.


  • In case of renewed deposits, the new deposit amount consists of the original deposit amount plus the interest less Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), if any.
  • On renewal day if the customer has become a senior citizen or will become a senior citizen, we will auto renew the FD (Principal + Interest) under the senior citizen scheme and not under the scheme it was previously booked in.