RuPay Debit Card

Your Paytm Payments Bank account comes with a free
Digital Debit Card to make online payments.

Debit Card Issuance Fees and Transaction Limits

Digital Debit Card


Debit & ATM CardPhysical Card Issuance Charges₹250/-As per agreed commercial agreement with employer for Salary Account holders (Only for Instant Debit Card)
Lost card replacement₹250/-
Annual subscription fee₹150/-thereafter on yearly basis from the date of activation of the Debit & ATM card that is linked to your account
Online Transaction daily limit₹1,00,000/-
In-store (POS) daily transaction limit₹1,00,000/-
ATM daily cash withdrawal limit₹25,000/- (Including ₹5,000/- at Micro-ATMs)

You can now set your own daily limits upto the above provided default transaction limits (Maximum limit set during the day would apply for respective transaction type)

ATM Transaction Charges

Note: In cases where transactions have been done at both Metro and Non-Metro ATMs, customers are provided 5 free transactions in a month with a cap of 3 free transactions at metro ATMs

Practices to follow for safe Debit Card transactions:

Platinum Debit Card

Things to Do as soon as your receive your card:

  • Set your PIN
  • Ensure you keep your card safely
  • Memorise your PIN, never write it anywhere
  • Always destroy the old card if you get a replacement card
  • Never share OTP, PIN, CVV and card expiry date with anyone
  • In case of any suspicious activity, immediately block the card from your app by following the easy steps mentioned below and then report it to us:
    • Open the Paytm App and click on the ‘Bank’ icon at the bottom right of your screen
    • Enter the ‘Digital Debit Card’ section
    • Click on ‘Block Card
    • You will be prompted to enter your 4 digit Passcode
    • On entering your Passcode, your card will be blocked
    • You can unblock the card anytime by verifying your Passcode
Platinum Debit Card

Things to Do while withdrawing money at ATM:

  • Ensure that no one is able to see your PIN while you enter it
  • Don’t allow anyone to assist you while you are making transactions at ATM
  • Ensure you take your card and transaction statement once you have completed your transaction
  • Change your PIN frequently
Platinum Debit Card

Things to Do while using Debit card for making payments:

  • Only use your card on trusted online platforms
  • When you make a payment at a shop, ensure you take your card back once transaction is finished
  • Check your statement on regular basis for card transactions. In case of any suspicious transaction immediately block your card and report on our customer care helpline.
Platinum Debit Card

Contact us immediately:

  • If you notice any suspicious transaction or your Card is stolen or lost.
  • Call us @0120-4456456 to report any suspicious transaction or in case of any issues/concerns