RuPay Debit Card

Your Paytm Payments Bank account comes with a free Digital Debit Card to make online payments.


Free insurance

Get free insurance cover of up to ₹2 lacs in the incident of death or permanent total disability. Detailed T&C.

Concierge Services

Complimentary access to concierge services . Domestic toll-free number -1800-26-RUPAY (78729).

Accept Money via QR code on Card

Use QR code on your Debit Card to receive money instantly.

Issuance Fee & Withdrawal Limits

Digital Debit Card


Debit & ATM Card
Issuance charge ₹250/- for normal customersAs per agreed commercial agreement with employer for Salary Account holders (Only for Instant Debit Card)
Lost card replacement ₹250/-
Annual subscription fee ₹150/-thereafter on yearly basis from the date of activation of the Debit & ATM card that is linked to your account
ATM daily cash withdrawal limit ₹25,000/- (Including ₹5,000/- at Micro-ATMs)

ATM Transaction Charges

Metro ATMs: Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad

3 free transactions every month; post that
  • Cash withdrawal: ₹20/txn
  • Mini statement, Balance check: ₹8/txn

Non-Metro ATMs: Other than the 6 cities mentioned above

5 free transactions every month; post that
  • Cash withdrawal: ₹20/txn
  • Mini statement, Balance check: ₹8/txn

Paytm Payments Bank ATMs:

Unlimited Free Transactions using Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card
Note: In cases where transactions have been done at both Metro and Non-Metro ATMs, customers are provided 5 free transactions in a month with a cap of 3 free transactions at metro ATMs

Practices to follow for safe Debit Card transactions:

Things to Do as soon as your receive your card:

  • Set your PIN
  • Ensure you keep your card safely
  • Memorise your PIN, never write it anywhere
  • Always destroy the old card if you get a replacement card
  • Never share OTP, PIN, CVV and card expiry date with anyone
  • In case of any suspicious activity, immediately block the card from your app by following the easy steps mentioned below and then report it to us:
    • Open the Paytm App and click on the ‘Bank’ icon at the bottom right of your screen
    • Enter the ‘Digital Debit Card’ section
    • Click on ‘Block Card
    • You will be prompted to enter your 4 digit Passcode
    • On entering your Passcode, your card will be blocked
    • You can unblock the card anytime by verifying your Passcode

Things to Do while withdrawing money at ATM:

  • Ensure that no one is able to see your PIN while you enter it
  • Don’t allow anyone to assist you while you are making transactions at ATM
  • Ensure you take your card and transaction statement once you have completed your transaction
  • Change your PIN frequently

Things to Do while using Debit card for making payments:

  • Only use your card on trusted online platforms
  • When you make a payment at a shop, ensure you take your card back once transaction is finished
  • Check your statement on regular basis for card transactions. In case of any suspicious transaction immediately block your card and report on our customer care helpline.

Contact us immediately:

  • If you notice any suspicious transaction or your Card is stolen or lost.
  • Call us @0120-4456456 to report any suspicious transaction or in case of any issues/concerns