Caution Notice


Dear Customer,

It is with pride that we assert that Paytm Payments Bank places utmost emphasis on the aspect of customer service. Our workforce is well aware of the importance of extending speedy, efficient, fair and courteous customer service in the financial services industry and customers are always handled with care and sensitivity in all their dealings with us. While we always endeavor to deal quickly and sympathetically with the grievances or issues raised by customers, at times certain factors such as banking/information technology/communication systems outages, market conditions affecting the transaction settlements, regulatory/statutory concerns and bank policies may result in our communicating decisions that may not meet your expectations.

However, we assure you that this is only a rare exception.

We strongly believe in being customer-centric and in providing the customer with adequate solutions, as expeditiously as possible and the consistent feedback we receive from delighted customers through various forums such our website, customer service centres, e-mails, written letters, social media is only a testament to our approach on customer service and this only motivates us to work harder towards enhancing customer experience.

However we have been observing certain disturbing and unfortunate incidents of customers resorting to offensive and abusive language or behaviour which shall not be tolerated by us under any circumstances as they only serve to cause undue stress and affect our workforce morale and efficiency. This can also disrupt our service levels towards other customers which in our view is absolutely unjustified and unfair to them.

In light of this, we regret to inform you that hereafter it shall be our firm and polite stand in respect of customers found to be offensive or abusive or unreasonable in their dealings with us to require them to close all their relationships with Paytm Payments Bank.