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Let us help you make the right choice between temporarily blocking your account and permanently closing it.

  • Temporarily Blocking Your Bank Account

    In case you have lost your phone or your account details have been compromised, we recommend blocking your account temporarily. This would help safeguard your account balance and would also maintain your transaction history. You can always unblock it later and get the access back to your Bank account.

    Follow these steps to "Temporarily Block Your Bank Account"

    • Go back to the previous menu
    • Select "I am unable to access my Account"
    • From the options, select "I need to block my account"
    • Submit the block request to us along with one proof of account ownership
    • We will send you a confirmation message post blocking your account
  • Permanently Delete/Close Your Bank Account

    If you wish to delete/close your account and not use any of Paytm services, following is what you need to know

    • If you have balance in your account, then make sure to use it or transfer it before sending a request for closure. Balance transfer from your Paytm Payments Bank account to another Bank account it is allowed only after KYC as per the RBI guidelines dated October 11, 2017, Para 9, Point no. 9.1 (i) (g) and (k) (see applicable RBI guidelines
    • Closing your account unlinks your phone number and the associated login ID and password are no longer valid. Effectively, you cannot login to Paytm anymore with these tokens
    • The PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) guidelines - section 12, point no. 3 & 4 ( and PPI guidelines para 6, point no. 6.3 ( requires your transaction logs to be stored for a period of up to 10 years post the deletion of an account. This data is stored on servers located in India and would never be shared with any third-party. Only government agencies mandated under the law to obtain information will have access to this information, through a legally compliant data request.

    Follow these steps to "Permanently Delete/Close Your Bank Account"

    • Raise a request to close your account by clicking the "Message us" box below
    • After receiving your request, our team will contact you to confirm the reason for closing your account (We have witnessed that many of our users asking for a closure have a different issue in reality and it helps us to answer their concerns)
    • Post this call to verify the request, we will send an SMS on your Paytm registered number with a link to close your account
    • Follow the link to confirm your request to delete/close account