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Open Your Account & Access Wallet

Visit the nearest Paytm Ka ATM with your Aadhaar Card and our agent will facilitate your KYC. Complete your KYC to open your Savings account and to access Paytm Wallet. Our onboarding process is very fast and simple.

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Instant Debit Card

Banking is easier and convenient at Paytm Ka ATM. If you already have a Paytm Payments Bank account, you can instantly have your physical debit card kit with the help of our agent at Paytm Ka ATM.

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Aadhaar Based Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

You can share your mobile number, Aadhaar number and bank name (any bank in which you have your account) with our agent at Paytm Ka ATM to deposit or to withdraw cash. Moreover, you can inquire about your balance and can have your mini statement too. Easy, isn’t it?

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Direct Benefit Transfer

Our agent will be happy to guide you if you wish to receive govt. subsidies directly in your Paytm Payments Bank account.

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Domestic Money Transfer

Wish to send money to a friend or relative through Paytm Ka ATM? Cash can be handed over to our agent and it will be transferred to the concerned person's account immediately. Hence, zero hassle.

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Get your FASTag

No need to face the long queue at the toll plaza when you can visit the nearest Paytm Ka ATM to avail FASTag service. If you already have a FASTag, you can get it registered and zip through tolls. Your Paytm Payments Bank is the leading issuer of FASTag in the country with over 6 million FASTags (as per NPCI report, January 2021). We're helping millions of people every day.

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at Paytm Ka ATM

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Group Insurance

Paytm Payments Bank has partnered with India's leading life and health insurance providers to offer group insurance facility to its customers. So, Paytm Ka ATM agents will issue group insurance in-person without any medical tests or paperwork. Be ready!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can only an existing customer of Paytm Payments Bank avail services from the nearest Paytm Ka ATM agent?

No, to avail various services from the nearest agent, you can either become a customer of Paytm Payments Bank or can pay a visit as a walk-in customer.

Are there any charges for availing services from Paytm Ka ATM Agent?