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Fake SMS Identification

How to Detect Fake SMS in 1 Minute?

  • Post published:January 7, 2022
  • Post category:Bank / Security

Block it or delete it- this should be your first step after receiving any suspicious SMS from an unknown source!

Digital frauds & thefts are quite common as fraudsters opt for various mediums to con users through various social media platforms, job portals, dating websites, messages, emails, etc. These fraudsters lure the users to gain their trust. After accomplishing their plans, they prompt users to provide their banking details.

Luring can be done by letting users believe that they have won a lottery or that their bank account is credited with some amount, their OTT platform has been hacked, etc.

Out of many ways used by fraudsters to con users, SMSs are the most common way. A report shared by Microsoft 2021 Global Tech Support Scam Research states that ‘In India, millennials (aged between 24 and 37) were the most susceptible to such scams in 2021, with 58% of those that continued with the scam incurring monetary loss ‘.

In this blog, we will share 4 top things to look for to detect a fake SMS or SMS fraud.

How to detect fake SMS easily?

Fake SMSs often seem genuine at first look; however, such messages can still be detected by considering the following points carefully-

  1. Unknown sender

Fake messages are often sent through unauthorized and unknown numbers. Consider these points when you receive a message from an unknown sender

  1. Typos, errors, misspellings and grammatical errors

You can detect fake SMSs from their formatting too. Fake messages often consist of typos, grammatical errors, misspelt words, wrong sentence formation, etc.

  1. Sense of urgency

You can easily detect fake messages from the tone in which they are written. In most cases, fake messages are written with a sense of urgency that requires the user to take immediate action.

  1. Suspicious links

Fake messages are often embedded with phishing links. Such messages require the user to click on those phishing links and share their banking details on suspicious websites.

Fake SMS

How to avoid fake SMS traps?

Follow the given mentioned points carefully to detect fake SMSs-

● Do not respond to a message with an unknown source

● Do not call any suspicious/odd number

● Avoid following any information mentioned in such messages

● Block odd/suspicious numbers immediately

● Be aware of the fact that only registered headers are used for sending messages by banks, regarding any information, etc

● Do not share any banking or personal information with such numbers

● Never click on suspicious links or ones that are sent from unknown sources or numbers

● Do not revert in haste

● Do not share any information that forces/urges/prompts you to share your banking details

● Be cautious and detect phishing links through their URL. Phishing links generally end with and shortened URLs like and TinyURL

How Paytm takes care of its users?

Paytm ensures to safeguard the privacy of its users by following the best practices. Recently, Paytm has come up with a feature called ‘Paytm security shield’ that requires its users to enable the shield for more safety. Listed below are some of the additional ways through which the well-known brand keeps the safety of its users intact-

● Paytm app restricts a user to take a screenshot of any of the app pages and/or record the screen

● Paytm security shield safeguards the Paytm app by hiding the actions and important credentials that are being performed/used on the app

● A fingerprint or a passcode is required to access the Paytm application

● Neither Paytm nor its employees send SMS through private or unknown numbers. Only the registered headers are used to convey or communicate any message or information

● Paytm recommends not to reply or revert to any call/SMS in haste

● Paytm urges its users not to share any banking details or personal information with any third party application or website

● Do not share any personal or banking information over email, message or social media platforms

● In case of any query or doubt, call Paytm Payments Bank Limited customer care support at 01204456456