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Know Everything About The New & Powerful Physical VISA Debit Card

  • Post published:May 29, 2021
  • Post category:Bank / Product

Paytm Payments Bank is a modern-age bank that understands the busy lifestyle of millennials and is simplifying banking for them since its establishment. Last year after successfully providing VISA Virtual Debit Cards to more than 4.5 million customers, we realized it’s finally time to upgrade our users to the future of contactless payments – Physical VISA Debit Card. ‘Tap & Pay’ is the new mantra that everyone will be chanting soon with a Physical VISA Debit Card in their hands.

Here is why you should order your Physical VISA Debit Card from ‘Bank’ section of Paytm App:

  • Globally Accepted: If you close your eyes, spin the globe and decide to travel the country that appears to be first when you open them, your VISA Debit Card will be ready with its bag packed even before you. No matter if your international plans include shopping for clothes, makeup or gadgets, you can pay seamlessly pay with your globally accepted debit card or can withdraw money from ATM to pay in India and abroad (T&C apply).
  • Tap for Quick and Secure Payments: As we already know, contactless payments are the new normal and we are always at the forefront to help you with your banking needs. Each VISA Debit Card comes with an NFC chip that allows payments with just a tap on the POS machine available at the merchant’s store. These transactions are safer and highly secure.
  • No Spinning the Wheel, Guaranteed Offers: With your physical VISA Debit Card, you get exciting offers on your favorite brands – both domestic and international.
  • Be the Master of Your Destiny: While you are on your way to explore the world with your VISA Debit Card, you can instantly enable or disable the international transactions as per your convenience from the ‘Bank’ section of Paytm App.

How to order your VISA Debit Card? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you have Savings A/c with Paytm Payments Bank: Every savings A/c comes with a pre-assigned virtual VISA or RuPay Debit Card. If you have a VISA Virtual Debit Card, click here to order your physical VISA Debit Card to be delivered to your door-step (your KYC address).
  2. If you have a RuPay Card: If you are already using our RuPay Card and wish to switch to the VISA Debit Card, all you need to do is to upgrade yourself to virtual VISA Debit Card by clicking here. As soon as this new card is assigned to you, you can order the physical debit card and it will be delivered to your KYC address within a few days.
  3. If you don’t have a Savings A/c with Paytm Payments Bank: You will first need to either click here to open a Savings A/c or go to the ‘Bank’ section available on the home page of your Paytm App. Then you can quickly use either of the above two ways to get yourself this amazing card.
  4. Existing RuPay Physical Debit Cardholders – You will have to permanently block your RuPay Physical Debit Card to have a Physical VISA Debit Card. Block your existing RuPay and once it’s done, you will be provided a New Digital Card. You can refer to the first and second step above to order your New VISA Physical Card.
  5. If you don’t have the Paytm App: First you need to download the app from here and then follow the process mentioned in step 3.

How to activate physical VISA Debit Card?

Once your VISA Debit Card gets delivered, it can be activated by scanning the QR code on the back of your card via your Paytm App. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your Paytm App and tap on ‘Scan Any QR’
  2. Now, scan the QR code at the back of your VISA Debit Card.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your Bank Passcode
  4. After entering your Passcode, you will be asked to verify your Debit Card details
  5. Upon confirmation, you will be prompted to set your ATM PIN
  6. Enter the same PIN again to confirm
  7. Your Debit Card will be activated

Now, isn’t this super-fast! Well, that’s how your entire card experience is going to be with us.

How to activate online and international payments on VISA Debit Card?

Follow these steps below to activate online and international payments of your debit card:

  1. Open your Paytm App
  2. Tap on the ‘Bank’ icon available on the home screen
  3. Click on the image of your virtual VISA Debit Card
  4. Go to the ‘Manage Card’ section
  5. Click on ‘Card Transaction Settings’
  6. Tap on toggle to enable individual transaction setting and ‘Save Changes’

You can have your Paytm Payments Bank VISA Debit & ATM Card at a charge of Rs. 250/- only. All possible card management controls are neatly built into user’s journey, so that you easily use your VISA Debit Card anytime, anywhere!

Say ‘Yes’ to this powerful Debit Card!