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Open your current account in no time !

Say Hello to the Most Innovative Current Account to Power Your Business

We are constantly trying to offer innovative solutions to our customers who value their time and efforts alike. Like the Current Account ardently simplified for proprietors that can be opened within a few hours. They can go for higher number of transactions every day as there is no transaction limit.

Why should proprietors open a Current Account with Paytm Payments Bank ?

As an entrepreneur of an organization of any size, you must be busy in various important tasks like promoting your product/service, managing employees, attending board meetings etc. Therefore, to save time and effort of all such entrepreneurs/proprietors, Paytm Payments Bank offers a current account that can be opened within a few hours to help you initiate unlimited transactions. This No Minimum Balance Current Account has a digital and 100% paperless onboarding process, comes with a Free Virtual Debit Card and many other additional benefits.

How can proprietors open a Current Account with Paytm Payments Bank?

The quick and hassle-free onboarding process of Paytm Payments Bank’s Current Account eliminates the need to visit the bank as it involves 3 simple steps:

 That’s IT! Your current account will open.

Any notable features of Current Account with Paytm Payments Bank?

No Minimum Balance and Transaction Charges: Yes! You get a Zero- balance Current Account and you don’t need to worry about maintaining minimum balance. Also, you can make unlimited digital transactions via Netbanking.

Free Digital Netbanking Panel: You can easily initiate funds transfer using Free Digital Netbanking Panel. Expeditiously check details, manage all your beneficiaries, check your passbook, approve transactions in seconds and enjoy other passionately curated features.

Free Virtual Debit Card: A Free Virtual Debit Card speedily gets issued to the Current Account holder. The user can also order a physical Debit Card by paying a nominal fee without any hassle.

This all-digital journey for current account opening has been released by us to make banking easier, faster and simpler for our customers who are into different types of businesses. With the help of our innovative current account, you can swiftly make payments, collect money and can easily manage your cash digitally. The entire process is super convenient as you don’t need to leave your place to complete the formalities. Furthermore, you receive 24 X 7 assistance.

Open a Current Account with us today to ensure seamless transactions!