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We have become India’s first Payments Bank to offer Video KYC Facility

We are glad to share that we have become India’s first payments bank to launch a Video KYC facility. With this, our customers can now get their full KYC completed anytime between 9 am and 8 pm, from anywhere through a video call. Our Video KYC is a fully integrated, zero-contact, and paperless process to complete KYC and helps our customers to stay safe within their homes during the ongoing pandemic. All one needs is a smartphone, stable internet connection, PAN card, and Aadhaar card.

The Video KYC facility is the latest among the series of new features that we have been launching to make the banking experience more convenient and accessible for our customers. During the lockdown, we introduced ‘Cash at Home’ facility for senior and disabled citizens, which enabled them to raise cash withdrawal requests on their app and receive the requested amount at home. Earlier this year, we also launched a Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) facility where we enabled our customers to raise a request to receive the benefits of over 400 government subsidies directly into their PPBL Savings Account.

Due to the huge demand for completing the KYC, this option is currently available to a limited customer base. We are working to extend this facility to all customers in due course.

Here’s how you can complete your full KYC within 2 minutes:

– Open your Paytm app. Tap on KYC icon & proceed to upgrade your account, now tap on Video KYC
– Verify your Aadhaar if not done already
– Tap on Start my video verification, read the instructions & tap on Proceed
– An executive will be assigned for your video KYC
– Once the agent initiates the call, tap on Start Video KYC button
– Verify the simple questions asked and show your PAN to complete the process

That’s it and your KYC is complete!

Note: Please remain on the chat page if the call drops in between. Our executive will start the call again to continue the process.

Here are a few things to remember while completing your video KYC:

1) Since this is a video call, please allow all permissions including the access to camera & mic.
2) Your picture and your PAN Card photo picture will be clicked. Please keep the PAN card ready beforehand.
3) The Executive will ask you some simple questions. Answer them yourself and keep yourself in the frame all the time.

1) Avoid movements and ensure you have a stable internet connection while the call completes.
2) Even if your call disconnects, don’t worry and stay on the same page. We will try to connect with you again to continue the process.
3) Please do not refresh the page while we are connecting you to our executive.
4) Don’t allow friends, family, or anyone else in the video other than yourself during the process.
5) Don’t let others answer for you, as that may lead to getting marked rejected

So now you see, getting your FULL KYC was never this easy. So, what are you waiting for? Get it done right away!