Stay safe from imposters on Social Media

Stay safe from imposters on Social Media

This is the era of social media and all of us use this platform heavily to communicate and stay connected with our friends and family. But some are now exploiting this trend by hacking social media accounts and using them to dupe the friends of the users into paying them money.

How does this work?

It takes place by gaining access to user’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and then sending personal messages to the user’s friends. In these messages, they ask user’s friends for money on pretext of some kind of emergency and provide details where they should send the money. When a person receives such messages, they trust that the message is indeed from their friend in need and they end up sending the money to the provided details without actually verifying if they are not sending it to the wrong person. Later, they come to know that such messages asking from money were from hacked account.
What can you do to protect yourself?

At Paytm Payments Bank, our motto is to ensure that you and your money is safe and doesn’t go in the wrong hands, here are some of the things we urge you to do to safeguard your money:

• Be careful of such messages.
• Talk to your friend/family in person or over call where you can be certain of their identity before transferring money to an unknown beneficiary after receiving such messages.
• Always verify the identity of the beneficiary before transferring any money.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe!

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