Beware of Fraudulent SMS & Calls about KYC suspension or expiration, Account Block and Fake Rewards!

Beware of Fraudulent SMS & Calls about KYC suspension or expiration, Account Block and Fake Rewards!

If you have received any SMS stating:

A. Your Paytm KYC has expired

B. Or it needs to be renewed

C. Or your account will be blocked in 24 hours

Please do not trust these communications. These are fraudsters attempting to get your details and defraud you of your hard-earned money. In case, somebody calls you to download any app such as QuickSupport or Anydesk etc to complete or renew your KYC, please do not download such apps as they could be used by fraudsters to take over your Paytm account and steal money from you.

Fraudsters have been randomly targeting people by sending scary SMS threatening them their Paytm account would be blocked or KYC will expire etc and asking them to call on a particular number provided in the SMS to resolve the situation. Post which they use two tactics to defraud genuine gullible customers.

In the first tactic, they would pretend that they are calling from Paytm and to re-activate/renew or complete your KYC, they would ask you to install apps like, AnyDesk, TeamViewer, QuickSupport etc. Once the app is installed, generally a 9 digit address code is generated which when shared, allows fraudsters to access and view your device screen remotely. Once they are able to see your screen all your mobile banking app or Paytm app can be accessed by these fraudsters and they will be able to transact through your account which includes UPI and wallets.
Due to the latest security features rolled out in our app, fraudsters would ask you to go and open on the browser on your phone instead of Paytm app so that they can see your password in clear text. Once they get your password, fraudsters would access the account from their devices (for OTP they do not need to ask it explicitly as they are able to read it from the device screen itself) and initiate fraudulent transactions.
So, please ignore all such communications, do not download any such apps because someone sent a SMS and called you to do so or do not login in to any payment app while your screen is visible to somebody.
In the second tactic, they try to get your Password and OTP for login and transaction by creating fake websites resembling Paytm website’s look and feel. They would create websites such as: etc

They can create such uncountable websites and urls, therefore the safest way is to know that Paytm would never ask you to enter any details on any website other than They would either ask the customer the url on the call or through an SMS (in case url is long and complicated). Most of these websites are a far outcry from the genuine app and do not have the “secure” padlock sign (are not on HTTPS secure protocol which is used by all the trusted platforms and websites nowadays).
Once the customer goes to this website, they would ask the user to enter their password, OTP and card number or its CVV and then may be its transaction OTP and all of these details once entered and submitted by the customer is available and visible to the fraudster in plain text. He then goes on to use these credentials to take over customer’s account and defraud the customer.

Please Note: Never enter your credit/debit card details, Paytm password, OTP or your card CVV number on any website or url link sent on SMS on dubious pretexts.

At Paytm we would never send you any SMS or none of the Paytm employees will ever ask to download any app to get your KYC done/to complete your KYC or to unblock your account etc. We would not ask to download any app to get any cashback or lottery prize. Your cashback and earnings will be directly credited to your wallet or bank account. The only trusted place to check a genuine offer is to visit Cashback & Offers section in your trusted Paytm app.

Please Note: Your Paytm KYC can only be completed at authorized KYC points or by a Paytm representative at your doorstep. Also, Paytm cashback will only be credited to your Paytm wallet or bank account. We do not send any link to avail cashback.

Always Remember:
1. Paytm Full KYC can only be completed by having a face to face meeting with our agent at an authorized KYC point
2. SMS sent by Paytm about Full KYC only has the link to fix appointment with our KYC agent or to locate your nearest KYC point
3. Paytm will never call you and ask you to install any app
4. We never send any SMS/Email for Paytm Minimum KYC
5. You do not need any support to complete your Minimum KYC with Paytm, it is a Do-It-Yourself process
6. We do not send any link to avail cashback. Your cashback will be directly credited to your Paytm wallet or bank account
7. A Paytm employee will never ask you for any of your PIN, OTP, Password, Password reset link, Debit/Credit card CVV or PIN or bank details
8. When a Paytm agent comes to complete your KYC do check their ID card
9. Paytm will not ask you to enter your password or card cvv or your OTP on random links or any other url except
10. Paytm will not ask you to send any money as registration fees or taxes etc to avail your prize or lottery or an offer. Please do not fall for such scams.

Be Informed! Stay Secure!

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