Revolutionizing Business Payouts

Revolutionizing Business Payouts

A simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, you can make a lot of progress. While, the industry has simplified ways to receive money from customers it is time to ease payouts for all your business expenses.

Before diving into how payouts work and can be simplified let us have an understanding of the type of business expenses & needs.

Types of Payouts:

• Vendor Payments: Payouts to vendors against goods or services. These payouts are scheduled based on payment cycles & can be recurring
• Customer Rewards & Refunds: Payouts to your customers against a return or incentives offered to them These payouts are 24*7, low ticket size and should be instant
• Utility Payment: From electricity bills to rent regular business expenses. These payouts are cyclical & schedule based
• Employee Salaries & Benefits: Salaries & Incentives as well as tax free benefits for all employees. Monthly payments along with weekly or daily payments for delivery partners, daily workers etc.
• Partner Payouts & Incentives: This can range from selling agents, distribution networks, influencers to player winnings. Instant payouts based on criteria being met.

With the above payments it becomes imperative that payouts should be instant, round the clock just like your business.

Payouts were initially managed by traditional banks with limited working hours, complicated processes and required expertise to operate. Further, the success rates were lower as accounts were not verified and till the point the output file gets generated, many payments could be missed out. Additionally, if you go for individual payments, the cool-off period for a new beneficiary is a huge obstacle for timely payments

These issues can be easily resolved using Paytm Payouts, a revolutionary solution to manage your business. Paytm Payouts can ease your entire business making payouts simple & automated. You can do bulk payouts, API driven payouts & simple transfers instantly & round the clock. Below are some of the industry leading features:

• Instant transfers: 24*7 round the clock instant transfers for every payment with industry leading success ratio
• Multiple payout modes: Highest payout modes in the industry from IMPS, NEFT & RTGS for Bank transfers to UPI & Wallets. Additionally you pay utility bills, tax-free employee benefits, loyalty wallets & Digital gold
• Automated workflows: Easily define maker & checker to ensure complete safety of transactions. Highly customizable in terms of view & transaction access
• API enabled payments: Integrate our API directly with your APP, CRM or any financial system to automate payments
• Easy reconciliation: Instant reconciliation track every payout and manage your expenses better with detailed analysis
• Simply Secure: Verify every bank account, wallet, UPI ID before any transaction
• Scheduled Payments: Schedule payments ensuring you never miss out on a payment
• Beneficiary Management: Every beneficiary is added instantly, easily search & pay

To better understand how payouts happen, we need to understand how the flow of funds take place when you push a transaction. There are a few payout instruments driven through RBI & NPCI networks to enable the flow of funds.

Types of Payout Instruments:

How these Payout Instruments work:

For all Payout instrument Paytm has an exclusive pipeline, eliminating dependencies on other banks as well as the largest base of exclusive wallets, UPI handles & Bank accounts.

Apart from the above we have some exclusive benefits that make our solution more unique.

What makes us different?

• In house expertise: Our technology stack is developed in house to support 13 Million+ transactions a day
• Power of Paytm Payment Bank: Largest exclusive base of Bank A/Cs, Wallets, VPA & a dedicated pipeline help us cater to a large number of transactions simultaneously
• Ecosystem privileges: Manage your entire business with current accounts, Collections, Payouts & employee banking

Paytm Payouts will make complicated business payouts a thing of the past. Join the revolution!

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