India Fights Corona: Stay home, stay safe

India Fights Corona: Stay home, stay safe

COVID-19 outbreak continues to worsen across the globe. It is the responsibility of each one of us to take all the preventive measures to control the transmission of this virus, so let us all follow the lock down guidelines by not going out and maintaining social distancing.

Here are few things we need to do to maintain social distancing:

• Working from home instead of going to office
• Doing our bit to minimize the spread of this virus through currency notes
• Avoid going out for daily needs and placing online orders by making payments online
• Using banking apps to take care of finances and making payments
• Cancelling and postponing conferences, meetings and parties
• Making video and voice calls to keep in touch with friends and family

As per World Health Organization (WHO) here are some of the things that we all must follow to maintain self hygiene even when we are staying inside, these practices will ensure safety against COVID-19:

Wash hands regularly:

Clean hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Washing hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses.

Maintain distance from everyone:

Maintain at least a meter distance from everyone. While coughing or sneezing we spray small liquid droplets from our nose or mouth which may contain virus. We may get the virus from them if we are too close.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth:

Our hands can pick virus from anywhere since we use them to touch and hold things. Hence, we should avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth so that the virus is not transmitted to our body.

Follow respiratory hygiene:

Always wear a mask if you need to go out or if you have cold, ensure that you cover your mouth with tissue or handkerchief while coughing or sneezing and then dispose it off safely. When you sneeze and cough the droplets will spread the virus. By following good respiratory hygiene you protect the people around.

Get medical care:

If you get fever, cough and difficulty in breathing please self-isolate yourself and seek medical attention, this will not only protect you, will also save others from getting effected. To report, follow the directions of your local health authority.

At Paytm Payments Bank, your safety is our concern and we request you not to go out.

And that is why we would like to remind you that we are a Digital Bank and hence you do not need to step out even for your banking and payment needs.
You can take care of all your banking requirements, investments and payments through the Bank section of your Paytm App. So, we believe we can help you stay inside with our offerings.

And we must remember that at this time of need we must stand by the those who are not able to carry on with their daily work and hence getting effected financially. Let us make sure we pay our house helps/maids, drivers even when they are not able to make it to work and also  support the less fortunate people and animals around us so that they are not deprived of meals.

Also let’s join hands and contribute towards PM CARES Fund. Paytm aims to contribute ₹500 crores to PM CARES Fund, for every contribution or any other payment done on Paytm app, Paytm will contribute an extra up to ₹10. To find more click here.

Lastly, do not give your ears to various information spreading via social media and whatsapp groups, these incorrect information will only create panic. Our government is doing the best to ensure we are protected, in return let us all be responsible citizens and do our bit by following the Lockdown guidelines. Only listen to updates from trusted sources and do not panic. We are all in this together and we shall fight it.

Stay home, Stay safe!!

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