Fraud Alert: Beware of fake calls and fake prizes

Fraud Alert: Beware of fake calls and fake prizes

Ever got a phone call or SMS, informing you that you have won a lucky prize and all you have to do is confirm your personal and account details? Maybe some of you got enticed and deposit a token amount to unknown account hoping the person would reciprocate and you would get your prize. But you didn’t get that prize. This is classic example of social engineering fraud.

How does the fraud work?

Fraudsters get creative in these kinds of frauds. They would spam genuine buyers and customers of genuine online marketplace or website and offer deal and prizes that are too good to be true. Some of the actual SMSs sent, involved offers such as:

  • Do you want to buy the latest foldable mobile phone for just Rs. 10,000?
  • You are our lucky customer. Transfer Rs. 5,000 to get your 180 cc motorcycle.
  • You have won SUV worth Rs. 31 Lakh in the Lucky Draw contest. You just need to transfer Rs. 5,000 towards registration fees

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Do not entertain such messages.
  • Verify such messages through official customer care or visiting original website. Do not trust fake or similar sounding website names.
  • Don’t get tempted by the promise of lottery or prize for which you didn’t apply. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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