Seminar on Cyber Security with Ahmedabad Police

Seminar on Cyber Security with Ahmedabad Police

We regularly engage with the developer community, individual researchers and the administration to constantly improve our security systems and ensure your data is safe.

Our goal is simple – to work together with all relevant parties to ensure we continue our fight against cyber crime.

Ahmedabad Police recently organized a two-day seminar for police officers on cyber crime and its investigation. More than 200 senior officers attended the event and we are honored to have participated in it. Our colleague Sumit Somani conducted a session on ‘Cyber Fraud: Detection and Investigation‘.

Sumit Somani

He spoke about the most prevalent frauds and their modus operandi. He also went over details about the various type of cyber fraud including phishing, vishing, account and device takeover among others. The second half of the session was focused on how to prevent fraud, conduct an effective investigation and means to nab such fraudsters.

We received an overwhelming response. During the final Q&A, several senior officers spoke about the challenges they face during investigations and we discussed various unconventional methods of pursuing cyber crimes and ensuring convictions.

It was an incredible experience to have been a part of this event and contributed towards the evolution in the way our law enforcement works.

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